Monday, February 5, 2007

the most awesome night yet!went to ktv with phanida sandra jims nidas bro n friend!man heaps fun!sang chinese songss!!!hey i can alright!hahah!were there for a total of bout 5 hrs!i think!haha yup then we headed off to marina bay!to meet aleixa n cassie!for steamboat!alexias birthday get to together!first time i actually cooked n it didnt burn!hahahah!burnt ourselves many times tho! ate till like 9 somethin!and haha those men starin at cassie!n the table next to us of guys all eyes at sandra!hahaha!funny shit i tell u!anyway!the pics will say more!lol!ran arnd the field near the sea after that!and omg we raced this group of guys back to the mrt!in the van!got off and they started chasin us!hahaha sandra cldnt run cause she was in heels!nida n cass ran for thier lives!lol alexia was like ahhhh rachel omg helppp!!lol!thought they were gonna attack us!they were like wild bulls!lol!ok wait!bulls are wild so yea!lol!oh n btw yes our food looks gross!but hey it wasnt that bad!hahah!ok ok enough of me talkin now!pics pics!